Mathieu Tremblay Software engineering student

Who am I?

Sotware engineering student at Polytechnique Montreal who is passinate about technology.

My Resume

This is where you can have a brief summary of my education, my work experience and my past projects.

Microsoft Foundry Intern

During summer 2015, I've had the chance to intern for Microsoft in Vancouver for the Foundry.

My Github

This is where some of my projects are hosted.

Slenderman (remake)

Two computer science and mathematics students. 15 weeks. One great project.

School implication

Administrating the students servers at school, Webmaster for the students organisation of computer and software engineering.

Windows Phone games

During the Code Kwondo contest in winter 2014, I developped 5 different windows phone games, which are all available by following this link.

Raspberry pi projects

It's amazing what can be accomplished with such a small computer. Here are some of the projects I'm working on.


When I need a break of programming, I often end up recording acoustic covers of music I love, most of them can be found here!