Mathieu Tremblay Software engineering student

I'm a computer engineering master's student who has always strived for quality. My ability to learn quickly allows me to pick-up new technologies and adapt easily to new environments and technologies. I have experience working on natural language processing, web development, video games, mobile applications and I'm always happy to learn new skills.


I am currently pursuing a master's in computer engineering. My research is focused on natural language processing, knowledge bases and dialogue systems at Polytechnique Montréal.

Here are my past publications:

I am currently finishing up a Bachelor of software engineering at École Polytechnique de Montréal. Since my first year, I have been involved in the following students organisation:

  • Organiser and lead developer of the platform for the LHGames, an Artificial intelligence competition with more than 150 contestants.
  • Webmaster for CEGL and CEGInfo (Software & Computer engineering students organisation) from 2013 to 2017
  • STEP administrator from 2014 to 2017 (Administrating the students servers)
  • Space invaders video game remake for PolyGames (Video game association)
And I've worked on various projects for school:
  • Personnal project: AMAL (Ask Me in Any Language) for QALD2017. A colleague and I placed first for Question Answering over Linked Data for the french category of the competition.
  • Final undergrad project was using machine learning to detect features on houses to determine the insurance premium
  • 3rd year Project was expanding our 2nd project by adding networking functionalities, where I implemented most of the client/server communication
  • 2nd year Video game Project (Making a Pinball game in C++ with a C# interface)
  • 1st year Robot project (Building and programming two robots, in C++, that work together to complete an obstacle race)

From my 5th grade of elementary school to the end of High School, I studied in the PEI (International Studies Program) at:

  • Val-des-Ormes in Rosemère (5th and 6th grade)
  • St-Gabriel in Ste-Thérèse (1st and 2nd year)
  • Rive-Nord in Bois-des-Filion (3rd, 4th and 5th year)

Then I had to choose in which CEGEP program I wanted to study, which ended up being Mathematics and Computer Science at Collège Lionel-Groulx. This is when I had my first programming class, which I ended up loving. I followed 3 programming classes and then had a project class where my teammate and I decided to do a remake of the Slenderman video game.

Work Experience

For the past two summers (2016 and 2017), I've interned in the Core Shell team under WDG at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington where I've worked with C++/CX and XAML to buid CShell.

My first internship was for Microsoft in Vancouver, Canada. I was part of what is now called The Garage, which puts together teams of interns who work during 16 weeks on creating a project from start to finish. I got to work with C#, Unity 3D, XAML, Windows Phone, the Microsoft Band and Bluetooth.

At the same time, I worked at Galerie 2000, which is an Art Gallery in Montreal, as a Salesman, Framer and Web Developer. During the summer, I worked on creating a new website for the Gallery, which can be seen here:

Personal Projects

For the Engineering games of 2017, I've worked on building a robot that's controlled using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi using a laptop as the controller. I was responsible for part of the UI implementation and also working with OpenCV to find the targets we were aiming for.