Mathieu Tremblay Software engineering student

Slenderman (remake)

This is a project A friend and I worked on as our final project in Mathematics and Computer Science at Coll├Ęge Lionel-Groulx. We decided to make our own version of the horror game "Slender: The Eight Pages" using XNA game studio in C#.

We had 15 weeks to create the game from nothing and only had 3 programming classes before, but we still decided to set really high expectations. Our teachers warned us that our expectations weren't really realist, which increased our motivation.

Two months later, the core of the game was done. We spent the last weeks fixing bugs and adding small features to push the project even further. Our teacher, and peers, were amazed at what we had done, which allowed me to get a 99% for that class.

This video showcases what we've accomplished in those 15 weeks.

On this project, I was responsible for:

  • A* Pathfinding algorithm
  • Raycasting to detect the slenderman and the pages
  • Progressively increasing the difficulty
  • Semi-randomly generated map
  • HLSL shaders
  • Collision detection
  • Video playing